Wear your pride, support vital causes with every sustainably made piece, and embrace a style that respects both people and the planet—one outfit at a time.

  • PrideForAllKinds shirts are so soft and comfy and they're shipped quickly too!
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Subtle pride shirts

Subtle Pride Apparel

Powerfully subtle pride shirts, each celebrating the spectrum of identities while empowering authenticity.
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Neurodiversity is Beautiful

Accept, accommodate, advocate, educate, and include. Celebrate minds of all kinds.
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Goth Witchy Feminist shirts. Spooky liberal feminist witch. The female gaze

Witches vs The Patriarchy

Cast spells of resistance and solidarity with our curated selection of feminist shirts that advocate for autonomy, equality, and activism. Let's support witches in reclaiming their power and fighting for change!
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Disability Awareness

Disability awareness shirts, designed to shine a light on the realities of chronic illnesses, chronic pain, and hidden disabilities. Let's unite to empower those facing these challenges every day and advance the movement for acceptance, inclusion and equal rights!
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    One-woman show, proudly queer and POC owned

  • Sustainably Made

    Ethically crafted with sustainability at heart.

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